e-Learning Tools

A balance of rich content and flexible learning makes the perfect pendulum of
education. Our e-Learning tools aim at balancing and enhancing the pendulum of
African Education.
Books can never be replaced, but learning can be made easier. This is our goal:
To ease the learning process so education can flow in every corner of Nigeria.

Our e-Learning

Facilitating efficiency in the system of education. Our e-Learning tools also offer students a choice to personalized learning.

Question Paper

A Question Paper Generator is a tool that helps teachers make a Test, be it exam or Class Test. It allows the teacher to select from an available set of questions of different types.

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Depicting the text/chapter in multimedia form, we aim to aid the student and the teacher by involving more senses in communicating the information.

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Digital e-Book

A digital ebook is a digital rendition of a book. It has the added feature of On Screen Reader and TRM along with it.

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Question Paper
Generator (QPG)

QPG is designed to be a smart tool that does the hardwork for the teacher. It displays Questions, allows
the teacher to select them and arranges them for the teacher. The teacher may choose to Print the paper
or Save it for refernce. Quizzes, Class Tests and Exam Papers can be generated using this tool.

Auto Create

We have used the best of technology to create this tool that runs on a powerful Algorithm that allows teachers to select the questions based on the data given them and automatically generates the test.

Support Pillar

User experience and interactivity is one of our top priorities. We have formed a complete support system with helper videos and a support desk to help you in case you need guidance or have any queries.

Custom Question

One of our specialized services that enables teachers to create a question paper or test with custom questions. This allows schools to have their personal repository.

Multimedia Content

The blend of books and technology is the future of education. By innovating education,
we are shaping the future of the students of Africa. Making them more smarter and receptive to learning.


Books are the best source of learning because they guide a child's imagination. Our digital stories do the same; educating students through storytelling, giving their imagination a reality, their muse a foundation and channeling their innovations from different perspectives.

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning resources that have been designed to teach a specific learning outcome. They enable children to have a two-way conversation that enhances the learning process.

Quality Education

By making the most of the learning resources and allowing students to learn them via different methods, is the best way to deliver quality education. We have a plethora of digital learning tools and products that aim at providing quality education.

Digital e-Books

A virtual assistant every teacher needs, with features to deliver quality education.

Interactive learning

There is nothing more effective than interactive learning. When a child is inquisitive, he begins to learn and grasp, provided he has the answers.

On the go learning

Education should not be timed. eBooks enable you to study anywhere, anytime. Education should not be timed and our eBooks ensures that students can access learning material from their smartphones and laptops.

Integrated TRM

With integrated Teacher's Resource Materials, our eBooks comprises schedules and back question answers that help in exam preparations.